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  1. L Bates says:

    You no longer seem to produce ‘Tandoori special’ spice. ( used to purchase from supermarket). Can you advise what the closest alternative is please as I love this spice and can’t find it anywhere. Thank you

  2. Chris Ramsbottom Pampling says:

    These really are good. Taste really authentic

  3. Carol Turner says:

    I truly love your line of products and buy them all the time!

  4. Wendy Peach says:

    I’m diabetic and to find authentic sauces with NO added sugar (the dreaded sugar) was pleasing to say the least. I usually cook from scratch to avoid the dreaded sugar but now I can keep a selection of sauces! Thank you from a grateful diabetic!!

  5. Wayne Bowkett says:

    I would like to congratulate you on a magnificent sauce that my wife and I tried over the weekend. The sauce was “ Southern MADRAS “ with a 3, rating, we are lovers of Indian cuisine and have over the decades enjoyed flavours of curry in restaurants throughout India and the Far East, also in the UK where we reside.
    As with everything, you have to try things to be both disappointed, and surprised by the results, on this occasion I could not pass up telling you how much we really enjoyed our meal by simply following the pack instructions.
    I purchased the item in Tesco, and remember that there were other flavours on the shelf that we will try in the near future.
    I guess so many times consumers feel the need to complain, so on the upside of that, well done re the above item, extremely tasty and authentic with a decent kick of chilli.

  6. Miss M. says:

    Just have made Kohinoor butter chicken, never tried this brand yet but I must say that our dinner was simply delicious and I can’t wait to try more flavours! Now I need to stock up on your sauces! Thank you Kohinoor x

  7. Ray Robinson says:

    Just cooked a butter chicken with one of your sauces, it’s the finest I’ve ever tasted. I’m in pure ectasy. Amazing.

  8. N says:

    Your Tarka Dal is amazing

  9. Bob says:

    I love your meals in minutes, living on a narrowboat with limited cooking facilities they’re great for a quick, satisfying meal after work. The flavours are just fantastic (I’ve tried them all) and they have that home-cooked taste. They’re the perfect size for one when accompanied by a couple of rotis tossed on a flame.

  10. Irene Wells says:

    Although you don’t label your sauces as being suitable for vegans, many of them are which is fantastic for me as a vegan. Normally I make all my curry sauces from scratch and never use jars/sachets but one day I was in my local Co op and your sachets caught my eye. I am so glad I tried them because they taste delicious, authentic and fresh and not at all ‘processed’. My husband didn’t notice the difference from my home made sauce. Thank you for producing such high quality, convenient food which is compatible with my vegan diet. All I need to do is add lentils and vegetables and I can make a nutritious meal very quickly after coming home from work.

  11. Malcolm Harrison says:

    Found these in my local Tesco, in the specialist Indian section. Cooked it for my wife and I last night and we both loved it. Popped it in the slow cooker, chopped some chicken breast and dropped them in. Left it 4 hours on medium and had a loely, hassle free curry which we could eat when the kids were in bed. Just found this website and can’t wait to try the madras!

  12. rtjwyatt says:

    Just discovered these sauces and ready meals. I have to say these are the best and easily the most authentic I have used
    Great service 2/3 day deivery and it’s free on orders over £15
    The butter chicken and bombay potatoes went down really well last night, I’m looking forward to trying the jalfrezi later this week
    Keep up the good work

  13. TINA LEWIS says:

    We have been using Kohinoor sauces for years. Will not buy anything else as they make the most authentic tasting sauces. Unlike jars of so called authencity. Side dishes & naans delicious too. Free delivery, who can ask for more. Some cracking hot sauces & the butter chicken is devine. Highly recommended. Forget your jars!

  14. Paul Allen says:

    The butter chicken was super tasty. Honestly one of the best I’ve ever had!
    We will be purchasing more of your sauces in the future in order to replace our take away purely because of the butter chicken.

  15. Louis says:

    I recently tried your ‘butter chicken sauce’ and I wanted to pass on my positive comments of how good it was. I have tried most of the other competitor sauces on the market and made my own but this was the best I have had. My friends/family are now trying your sauce following my recommendation.
    I have bought some of your other sauces to try but I just wanted to know if you have Tikka Masala & Korma sauces available, if not are they something you have in the pipeline?
    Many thanks and best regards,

  16. Simon says:

    Please can you bring back the Goan Vindaloo cooking sauce. It was the finest supermarket type cooking sauce that I have ever tasted and I miss it very much!

  17. Stuart Hiom says:

    Hi folks, would just like to thank you for your new sauce range, I’ve finally found India sauces that taste like restaurant food, I’m one happy customer.
    Regards, Stuart

  18. Vicky says:

    I found your post on Facebook and liked the look of what you sold. I went on to your website and bought several of your sauces (which I wouldn’t normally do not having tried and tested them)! I was absolutely delighted with the Bhuna sauce! I am a curry fanatic and have to say the taste was spot on! Looking forward to trying the butter chicken next. Don’t stop selling them!

  19. Richard Larbalestier says:

    Hi, I just wanted to congratulate you on your fine range of curry sauces. I’ve been looking for a restaurant quality curry sauce for 40 years and now I’ve found it. Well done.

  20. Tracy says:

    I discovered your foods by accident when I purchased some Dhal in my local supermarket. It was GREAT! After that I had to try every single curry in your range and they’re all FABULOUS! And a brilliant plus point is they’re low in calories. Can it get any better?
    Don’t stop making them!

  21. Mark Sharman says:

    Hello. Would just like to say that your Delhi Butter Chicken sauce is without a doubt, the best shop bought prepared sauce I have had in 20 years of trying. When I don’t make my own, I always go to this sauce. Please don’t ever stop making it!

  22. Simon Watts says:

    I have been using your cooking sauces for quite a while -they are the best- it’s strange that they aren’t much more widely available.
    I especially like the fact that the ingredients are honest and straight forward, just like one would make a homemade curry, and I love that there isn’t a long list of E numbers and other unpronounceable words like many other products.
    I also like the fact that your sauces are produced in India, it adds authenticity.

  23. michael Loy says:

    We were lucky enough to win a deluxe hamper of Kohinoor sauces, normally pre-made sauces don’t cut the mustard, but I was so surprised when tasting these products, they are up to top restaurant standard, as we eat out at Indian rest. once or twice per month all over the country. My wife complimented the chicken Bhuna, Bombay potato and Saag aloo, with freshlly made coconut rice, I added Roasted sweet potato to the Saag and Bombay potato

  24. Karen White says:

    I discovered Kohinoor meals in minutes range a short while ago and bought three different curries. My favourite is pindi chana aloo, absolutely delicious and perfect when I want a quick meal after coming in from exercise class. It’s hard to believe that packet ready meal can taste so good, just like I’ve made it from scratch.
    I’m finding it hard to find your products in any of the main supermarkets I visit, hence my Google search today and visit to your website. I’m so pleased you sell online.

  25. Linda Warren says:

    I love the butter chicken sauce to bits! Friday night (or any night), end of the week, can’t be doing with cooking- it takes about 10 minutes to turn out a totally lush feed . I thank u v much… And the fact that it is a £ just puts the cherry on top!

  26. Yvonne Brownsea says:
    Excellent - 5 starsExcellent - 5 starsExcellent - 5 starsExcellent - 5 starsExcellent - 5 stars

    I’m what you might describe as a curry addict and I’m always on the look out for some new curries. When I discovered Kohinoor, I’ve since enjoyed them regularly and they are amongst my favourite curries – love the butter chicken in particular! The flavours are very authentic.

  27. mark says:

    i have been cooking indian food from scratch for years and on occasion have resorted to ready made sauces when i am in a hurry and none realy are like homemade , untill i tried youre sauces they are really good and would recommend them to anybody, fantastic product looking foward to any new ones you bring out .

  28. Rebecca says:

    I’ve tried loads of cooking sauces or Indian pastes over the years none of which taste anything like the real thing… until I tried kohinoor. I used to have their madras but unfortunately can’t get it anymore so I’ve moved onto their butter chicken. It’s the right texture and taste. Great product 1st class

  29. Renato Hoffmann says:
    Excellent - 5 starsExcellent - 5 starsExcellent - 5 starsExcellent - 5 starsExcellent - 5 stars

    Not long ago I discovered the Kohinoor products, and I’m loving it. Every week I try to make a recipe for the delicious sauces you have. Thank you very much! Keep up the quality.